Specific Occupational Therapy Services

Crosslinks’ Occupational Therapists are registered providers for the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program, Victorian WorkCover Authority, Transport Accident Commission, and private health insurance providers, offering the following consultation services:

Assessments of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Specific assessment conducted in a person’s home, to determine a person’s needs for assistance with routine household and gardening tasks which may include cleaning, cooking, vacuuming, washing, pruning, edging and lawn mowing. ADL reports will provide recommendations for any aid and equipment to promote independence and the level of appropriate service provision as required.

Equipment assessments and prescriptions

These services are to ensure that the equipment prescribed is suitable and safe for the client where the client already has been provided with the equipment. The client may also need an equipment assessment to review the existing equipment or for appropriate equipment to be identified which would assist in increasing their independence and safety in performing everyday tasks, be it at work or home. If new equipment is required, the OT will provide recommendations for appropriate equipment.

Physical Work Barriers Assessments

These assessments are mini FCEs which are used to assist employment service providers, in identifying their clients’ physical capacity and any physical barriers that may impact on their ability to seek or maintain employment. They are effective in assessing an individual’s physical capabilities in relation to a specific task/job analysis, and therefore their suitability for those positions in order to assist with job matching.

Physical Access Assessments

This service is to ensure suitability of residential property purchase for people with disabilities or assistance with design of new premises through purpose built housing.