Training and Consulting Services

Crosslinks have developed a number of training and consulting services based on needs identified by various organizations we have provided services to over the years. These training and consulting services are tailored to meet each organization’s needs. The following is a list of examples of training and consulting services:

Manual Handling Training

Crosslinks have developed a Manual Handling Training Program and can develop individualised Manual Handling procedures and practices to ensure safe practices in the workplace. Crosslinks can offer workplace and task analysis to identify problem areas of manual handling and establish procedures and training programs to educate and implement safe manual handling practices in the individual workplace.

Crosslinks can assist businesses in:

  • Understanding the role of Manual Handling
  • Identifying key areas of risk to the body in Manual Handling
  • Assisting businesses in adopting the five principles of Manual Handling
  • Assisting businesses in applying the principles to your workplace

Office Health / Ergonomics Training

The principle of good ergonomics and office health will be covered. Training on how to set up your workstation will be provided as well as some practical strategies and exercises that can be implemented in an office environment, either for the home or work office, to improve and maximize office health.

Work Life Balance – Health and Wellness Training

Work Life Balance is a workshop that looks at various issues that may impact on us both at work and at home and the importance of finding the balance between these demands to achieve harmony in order to achieve the best physical, emotional and psychological health for us and those around us. Issues such as stress and fatigue management are covered in the workshop.

Workplace Health and Safety Training

The topics covered in this training will incorporate aspects of the above three areas, as well as reference to the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (VIC), or relevant State legislations for States other than Victoria. Hazard analysis and risk assessment will also be covered in this training with a practical component.

Physical Access Training

This training covers a range of issues that people with different disabilities face with access to public buildings and facilities. The facilitator will provide examples of various barriers and practical solutions that can be implemented by all involved.

Occupational Health and Safety Consulting and Training

All OHS services provided can encompass, but not limited to, the following:

  • Policy and procedure best practice and business frameworks
  • Workplace layout and design – physical layout, anthropometrics and other human factors as part of the ergonomics and safe design review of the workplace or proposed building/structure to be used as a workplace
  • Office furniture and workstation design
  • Manual Handling and OH&S risk assessment
  • Occupational Stress
  • Health promotion and wellness